Francis Schaeffer Quotes

Francis Schaeffer would have celebrated his 100th birthday in January. I’m obviously a couple months late with this, but here are a few quotes in remembrance of a life well lived.

Francis Schaeffer

“Think of this great flaming phrase: “certain inalienable rights.” Who gives the rights? The state? Then they are not inalienable because the state can change them and take them away. Where do the rights come from? [Jefferson and others] understood that they were founding the country upon the concept that goes back into the Judeo-Christian thinking that there is Someone there who gave the inalienable rights.”

“In passing, we should note this curious mark of our own age: the only absolute allowed is the absolute insistence that there is no absolute.”

“Humanism, man beginning only from himself, had destroyed the old basis of values, and could find no way to generate with certainty any new values. In the resulting vacuum the impoverished values of personal peace and affluence had come to stand supreme.”

Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world.”

“But if I live in a world of nonabsolutes and would fight social injustice on the mood of the moment, how can I establish what social justice is? What criterion do I have to distinguish between right and wrong so that I can know what I should be fighting? Is it not possible that I could in fact acquiesce in evil and stamp out good? The word love cannot tell me how to discern, for within the humanistic framework love can have no defined meaning.”

“There is no place for love in a totally closed cause and effect system.”


13 thoughts on “Francis Schaeffer Quotes

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  2. One of my absolute favorite authors/philosophers,/apologists. I had the opportunity to see him speak the year before he died. What an incredible opportunity. Thanks for sharing some very important words from a great man!

  3. Schaeffer’s writing seem to have been used by God to make a lot of Christians more conscious of apologetics and worldview. To that end, I thank God for him.

  4. It is a shame that his own son, Frankie (now Frank) Schaeffer has rejected much of what his parents believed. Granted I did not grow up in his home, so I am not so sure what may have gone on behind the scenes, but truth is still truth, and this man had and shared a lot of it with all of us. Happy 100th in heaven…

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